Online Leadership Retreat

Lead Yourself. Lead The Change.

The core of my work is to support manager, team and project leads to exchange stressful nerve wrecking work with fun and ease to actually achieve those things which really matter and make a difference.


How to accomplish that?


This is possible through inner alignment, clear action and communication without forgetting the human being.


What does that mean?


Product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter, the world becomes more and more global. Everything is faster and more complex. Therefore it is so important to know exactly for what you are standing for especially when you are in a leadership position. Furthermore it is crucial in this digital age to not forget the human being behind team members, colleagues and yourself. Through understanding emotions and needs of your surrounding and focusing on their strength helps you moving forward as a leader. This is exactly that part where my work comes in.


How does working with me look like?


I know that you schedule is already full and time is a very valuable resource to you. Therefore I created a program that is lean and works directly on the core elements to transform from a stressed workaholic to a power leader.

  • Training materials are available in a digital format
  • Sessions are all virtuell
  • The program can be started at any time

Are you curious to know if my program also works for you? Then book a free session to discover your pain points and get absolute clarity on how to tackle them. In a 45-60 minute session we dig deep and will uncover strategies how you can move forward.


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