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Jennifer Abel

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Your professional and  reliable partner for turning ambitions, dreams and crazy ideas into reality.

Create a life and career that truly inspires YOU!

 Are you ambitious and do you want to activley  shape your life and career?


Do you have projects, which are dear to your heart and will not let you go? Is now the time to put them into action?


Are you professionally or privately looking for exciting projects that really inspire you? You would like to find out what your next step is?


Are you craving for more balance in your life and wonder how to combine professional and personal goals?

Then we MUST meet!


With the development of your personality and the use of your potential, you bring so much energy, fun and lightness into your everyday life that colleagues and friends cannot help but succeed with you.


Instead of being controlled by others, you shape your everyday life and career in a way that suits you.


In our digital and globalized world, product life cycles are shortening daily, business models are being replaced, work processes are subject to constant change, and last but not least, the shortage of competent specialists continues to increase. The result is that social paradigms are shaken and gradually renewed.


It is therefore all the more important to develop and contribute personal views, values and topics, so that an everyday life is created in which it is fun to live.


But how can this be accomplished? How do you get personally important projects in a full everyday life? How do you manage to get others on board? How can big visions and dreams be realized?


How can one live and work in such a dynamic world without overlooking the human being behind everything?

Coaching Empowering YOU

The core of my coaching is working with ambitious people who want to turn their ideas into reality creating a life and career they envision.

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