Jennifer Abel

"Be the change you want to see in this world."

-Mahatma Gandhi-

I resonate a lot with this quote from Mahatma Gandhi. I strongly believe that each one of us has the strength to create the life and impact we truly want. Each one of us can stand up for their values and take responsibility for their life.


With this believe in my backhand I took responsibility and I am the artist of my life. I'm enjoying my multi cultural German-American background. I pursued my academic ambitions by studying business and math. I followed my passion and dream about NYC and had the opportunity to live and work there for a little while.


All of that is said easier than done. It is a continuous progress of learning, working and adapting in our fast paced modern world. This sometimes can be really exhausting and completely confusing. During my time in university I had to experience that by myself. I was so passionate with so many projects and blessed with so many different challenges, but forgot to reenergize. At some point when life decided again to become a little bit more complex I could not handle it any longer and lost control.


It took me a while to orient myself and realize what happened. How did I got into a situation where my body did not function anymore as it used to? Step after step I adjusted my lifestyle, got healthy again and managed to finish my started projects with unexpected positive results. I finished my master degree in Econo Mathematics and moved to Frankfurt, Germany. There I started my professional career as business consultant and empowerment coach.


This does not mean I figured it all out, but I learned to pay more attention to my authentic me, what I value, what I need and my environment in a more holistic matter. Along the way I developed and used different tools how I can align myself again and meet new challenges and ambitions.


I know the power is within each of us and we can live the happy, exciting and awesome life we picture. The major goal of my work as a coach, speaker, writer, artist and entrepreneur is to ignite you and give you the impulses/tools/questions you need to walk YOUR talk and fulfill your dreams and vision.


I'm looking forward to connect with you!